About Shelley Noonan

My mom always told me, “Shelley, you have to learn everything the hard way.” And she was right. My passion is to communicate to others the lessons I have learned so they can learn their life lessons with greater ease than I have.

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Shelley Noonan, Shelley, Mrs. N, The Mama Mentor

You can call me by any of these names, and if you know me really well, you can call me Shell. I am a experienced speaker, writer, and mentor. I am married to an amazing man and live in the same farm house he grew up in. Here on ShelleyNoonan.com you can read about my speaking topics and discover if I am right person to share with your group. I am a published author, business owner, and sought after Christian speaker.

My Background

After ten years of working as a nurse, I transitioned into homeschooling my three children. Homeschooling was the best and the most difficult job I have ever had. This job lasted 13 years. During this time I started a business selling used homeschool books. Our three children, my husband, and I learned invaluable business and life skills through operating Second Harvest Curriculum.

The children went on to college and the business just kept growing. Eventually,after running that business for eighteen years, I sold it. Another business venture is the publishing company Pumpkin Seed Press which I began with a friend. That publishing company was a platform for writing and speaking about topics close to my heart.

My Specialty –Mentoring

mentor: [ men-tawr,] noun

a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

My passion is to mentor women, encouraging them in their relationships with others and with God. I long to help them discover who God made them to be.

What really excites me about what I do is that I get to walk alongside women through a presentation or personal coaching and help them to see what changes can be made in their lives. If they are stuck, I like to help them get unstuck by using the Word of God and plain old encouragement.

I have also spoken at conferences around the U.S. for the past 12 years on developing healthy relationships within the home while maintaining priorities.


During the last 12 years I have been a speaker for Christian Women’s Club, homeschool conferences, women’s conferences, MOPS groups, and churches. I am a graduate from CLASS and a certified etiquette instructor.


I have written for numerous homeschool magazines and blogs. Based on my own experience as a daughter and mother, I designed a complete mentoring program for girls ages 9-18. This program can be used in individual families as well as in church groups.

Homeschool Mom

I had the opportunity to homeschool our three children for 13 years. To be honest, it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. During those years I discovered so much about how God designed my children and how to teach them. I also discovered character issues I needed to work on. I grew in responding properly to difficult times, and I learned firsthand that praying for patience is an awful idea. I also recognized that a marriage can do more than just survive through homeschooling; it canthrive.

That is my prayer… that the Lord would use my life and the spoken word to show His generous display of mercy and grace and compassionate care to others.